What is SalesPositive?

SalesPositive is a 100% cloud based CRM software with integrated dialer, enhanced automation, management and organization toolsets. Designed with simplicity in mind, the interface provides users with a system that is easy to learn, user friendly, yet highly efficient.

How does SalesPositive help me Grow Revenue?

– Provides instant access to enhanced client information, so sales professionals are better prepared to engage customers.
– Increases Call Volume and the amount of customers that can be reached in a short amount of time using our Dialer with Click to Dial technology, Click to Email and other features
– Fully automates heavily repeated mundane tasks, so sales professionals are able to focus on interacting with customers.
– Allows managers to pinpoint top performers and those in need of improvement, using tools such as our call Recording and Statistical Analysis tool sets
– Allows managers to analyze employee performance across multiple metrics to determine key strengths and areas in need of improvement
– Provides an unparalleled infrastructure to manage your leads and customers, where storing and retrieving customer information is intuitive and instantaneous

Are there contracts?

No, we have no contracts. We bill you month to month. If you ever want to stop service, you can just call to cancel at any time.

Are there set up fees?

No, there are no additional costs to set up SalesPositive

Do I have to install any software on my computer?

No, SalesPositive is completely Cloud-Based. To use SalesPositive, simply use your web browser and login to our web portal. We are completely remote and can be fully accessed from any computer in the world

How does SalesPositive help with incoming calls?

SalesPositive has a specialized incoming call look up feature. The system will match incoming calls to phone numbers in the database. If a match is found, then SalesPositive will automatically open the profile of the person calling, allowing you instant access to that lead/customers information.

Additionally, SalesPositive will create temporary account profiles for phone numbers that are not found in the database. This allows users to quickly start taking notes for new customers.

How does the Dialer work?

The Dialer is fully integrated into our CRM. In order to make phone calls the user can manually dial the phone number or Click to Dial. With Click to Dial, the user can click on the phone number in the database and the system will instantly make that phone call.

Can I use SalesPositive remotely?

SalesPositive is fully remote and 100% cloud-based. Simply go to our web portal using your web browser and log in.

The only requirement to use our software is a computer with internet access. You can get the same full functionality of SalesPositive from your office, your home, or from your hotel room during a business trip around the world.

Do I need to have a specific phone carrier to use the dialer?

SalesPositive is 100% cloud-based. The integrated VOIP phone operates independently. Each user account comes with a dedicated local or toll free telephone number, built-in to the software.

Will my phones be compatible with your system? Do I need to buy new phones?

No, all of our calls are made Voice Over IP using a headset or microphone that is connected to your computer. You do not need any physical phones to make calls.

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